Nature is at home ...

The Galù maison rises in the most intense green of the olive-tree hills in the Aurunci natural park, close to the splendid coasts of Gaeta and Sperlonga.

Located in a quiet and dominant position and shrouded in silence and in the harmony of nature, it is at the same time located a few minutes from the marvelous beaches and places of greatest historical, artistic and cultural interest on the Riviera of Ulysses.
The Itri-Sperlonga panoramic road that you follow to reach our structure, in addition to being very fascinating for its breathtaking views of nature and the viewpoints overlooking the sea, has been the natural scenery of many famous films in the past.

Hospitality is our pleasure ...

The Galù maison offers first of all courtesy and availability to its guests in a familiar and genuine environment.

In fact, with us you will have the opportunity to spend a relaxing stay, to rediscover the simple pleasures of life, to share the lifestyle of the place and of the people, to appreciate the flavors of the local land and the beauty of the places that surround us.