Our enchanting places

Our coast is a succession of beaches of fine golden sand bathed by a crystal clear sea and bordered by rocky spurs and headlands that form enchanting bays and coves. To complete a wonderful scenario, there are the splendid Pontine islands with their pristine waters

There are numerous historical testimonies and monuments that belong to different eras and that make the Riviera d'Ulisse a place of considerable interest for all visitors.

The Riviera of Ulysses is not just the sea, but it represents a splendid environmental synthesis in which the intense green of the forest of the Circeo National Park, the Regional Park of Monte Orlando, the Natural Park of the Aurunci Mountains and many other nature reserves that offer the visitor a holiday in close contact with nature, with its extraordinary morphologies, the scents of the Mediterranean scrub and the intense colors.

... and in particular we report

GAETA, the pearl of the Tyrrhenian

It enjoys the favor of a temperate climate, of enchanting beaches as well as of natural and scenic beauty and of numerous historical, monumental, religious testimonies of different eras.
Beaches : Serapo, Fontania, 40 oars, Ariana, Scissure, Arenauta, San Vito, Sant'Agostino
To visit : Montagna Spaccata, Santissima Trinità Sanctuary, Grotta del Turco, Mausoleum of Lucio Munazio Planco, Church of San Francesco, Cathedral of Sant'Erasmo, Church of the Annunciation, Cappelletta d'oro, Castello Angioino- Aragonese

SPERLONGA, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy

Characteristic seafaring village perched on a foothill directly on the sea with its characteristic alleys, alleys and small squares that open unexpectedly and merge into one with the dwellings of clean Mediterranean colors. The golden sandy beaches stretch out, lapped by a clear sea, for several kilometers interspersed with rocky headlands. There are also numerous historical testimonies.
Beaches : Bambole beach, Capovento, Bazzano, Angolo, Canzatora, Lago Lungo.
To visit : the Villa and the Grotto of Tiberius, National Archaeological Museum

ITRI, the valley of olive trees

Itri is a charming and characteristic village located between the Ausoni and Aurunci mountains, with the houses grouped together to form a sort of pyramid around the beautiful castle; the newer part instead extends along the Via Appia, of which you can still see several sections of the ancient route, remains of monuments and powerful retaining walls. The remarkable extension of the olive groves makes this town an important center of production of oil and olives of excellent quality renowned throughout Italy.
To visit : the castle, the church of S. Michele Arcangelo, with the beautiful bell tower, the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Civita, destination of numerous pilgrimages, the Brigantage Museum.

PONZA, an island of rare beauty

It is one of the most interesting Mediterranean islands that can be reached with departures from Formia and Terracina. The delicate semi-circle of pink and white houses surrounding the port and the island's profile offer a striking view. The depths are of a variety and a beauty never seen, while the circumnavigation of the island allows to fully appreciate the amazing alternation of cavities, caves, rocks, coves, bays, with suggestive and fascinating chromatic crosses.

And yet to visit ...

Terracina, San Felice Circeo, Sabaudia, Sermoneta, Ninfa, Minturno, Montecassino, Campodimele and the islands of Ventotene, Palmarola and Zannone.

The most beautiful beaches of the Ulysses Riviera just a few minutes from us

Le Scissure, Ariana, Arenauta, San Vito, Fontania, Serapo, Bambole Beach, Bazzano, Lago Lungo.


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